The Word On Black Tea

In 2001, Boston University conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of black tea in treating coronary artery disease. The study confirmed long-standing claims about the cardiovascular benefits of black tea.

Black tea regulates blood pressure, increases circulation, and reduces cholesterol.

Photo courtesy of Ting Chaponis @

But what is the science behind this medical wonder?

Once harvested, the tea undergoes multiple stages of preparation, the most important of which is oxidizing. This adds caffeine to the leaves (about 10-15% of the caffeine in coffee). When consumed, polyphenols enter the bloodstream in a steady, natural flow that can reduce blood clots.

The Green Teahouse offers a variety of loose black teas from across the globe, ranging widely in flavor. From the natural sweetness of Taiwanese Honey Roast to the malty notes in our Chinese Golden Needle. Whether you prefer Indian chais, English earl greys, or our delicious homemade hybrids (try green & black Passionfruit Jasmine), the Green Teahouse is your one-stop black tea shop.


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