Pu-Erh: Not Just A Tasty Tisane

Pu-erh (pronounced poo-AHR) has been growing in stateside popularity, and rightly so. This legendary herb has the power to shrink fat cells and lower cholesterol. Most of our customers have tried pu-erh tea at least once (sampling our Emperor’s or Strawberry Slim), but few know anything about it beyond the smooth, earthy flavor.

All of our pu-erh blends stem from organic Classic Pu-erh, from the Yunnan province of southwest China. Pu-erh owes its reputation as a medicinal herb to its fermentation process, which unlocks probiotic health benefits not found in other teas. This makes pu-erh a great fat-burning, heart-healthy tisane.

Pu-erh can be fermented in two ways: ‘Raw’ Pu-erh (sold in individual compacted bricks in our store) is set in a ventilated chamber where microbial reactions occur, allowing the leaves to fully ferment after 10-30 years. ‘Ripe’ pu-erh (like our Classic, as well as our compacted Pu-Erh Raindrops) is specially incubated to accelerate the process. This method, called ‘wo dui’, fully ages the tea in mere months. We offer pu-erh in multiple flavors (just a few: Ginger, Cinnamon Mint, and Raspberry). Get yours today!


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