Staff Favorites: Volume 1

Welcome to Staff Favorites! Every so often, we’ll be inviting a different employee of the Green Teahouse to tell us a little about themselves & their tea preferences. This series of interviews will serve two important purposes, by both personalizing our shop and giving you insider suggestions about which delicious blend you should try next!

In the first installment of this series, I sat down with Nasya, a member of the Green Teahouse sales team as well as our resident webmaster. Nasya heads up the publishing of our weekly newsletter and updates our company website when new products come in. I sat down with Nasya and we explored the theme of balance in tea.

Q: First, how did you first come to discover the Green Teahouse?
A: Since I’m from the area, I’m pretty familiar with the stores in [Blue Back Square]. My parents are big tea drinkers, so I came into the store last Mother’s Day to buy a gift, and I eventually became an avid tea drinker. I think it’s really interesting to know that some of the teas you’re drinking have been appreciated for thousands of years by so many different and important people in history, like emperors from so long ago.

Q: What do you look for in a good tea?
A: I think tea is more unique when everything’s balanced in perfect harmony. I prefer when things aren’t too overpowering in one way or another. It makes it easier to taste and appreciate the individual flavors when there’s some contrast there.

Nasya’s Top 3 Balanced Teas

1) Shanghai Sunset: “I love the blend of sweet and sour that this tea offers. The hibiscus base sets a tart foundation, while the candied papaya finishes with a nice sweetness to it. I also love that you can put the loose pieces in your cup and eat them as you enjoy the drink.”

2) Vanilla Cream Chai: “I love the spiciness of this tea. Autumn is my favorite season, and drinking this tea reminds me of that time of year. The rooibos is very soothing on its own, but when mixed with fall-time spices, like cinnamon and clove, it produces a nice balanced flavor.”

3) Dragon Fruit: “The black tea in this mixture is boldly scented with passion fruit, which has always been one of my favorite flavors. The [Dragonwell] green tea provides a soft contrast to the rich black tea. Traditional green tea is usually more delicate, but with this tea you get the best of both worlds: a characteristic green taste in a robust blend.”

Thank you, Nasya, for your unending commitment to the Green Teahouse! Stay tuned for our next issue of Staff Favorites!


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