Teamaking Help

Q: Are there specific directions for making each type of tea?

A: Different teas require different steeping conditions, and this table will give you general directions in preparing the different types (although certain teas have special instructions), as well as info on how many times you can re-use the leaves and expect to get a flavorful cup.

TEA TYPE          TEMPERATURE             TIME              CAFFEINE                  RESTEEPING

White             170˚F  (75˚C)           2-3 min.          1-5% of coffee            2+ times
Green             170˚F  (75˚C)           1-2 min.          10-20% of coffee          2+ times
Oolong            212˚F  (100˚C)          1-2 min.          15-25% of coffee          4+ times
Black             212˚F  (100˚C)          2-3 min.          5-15% of coffee           3+ times
Pu-Erh            212˚F  (100˚C)          3-4 min.          3-8% of coffee            3+ times
Rooibos           212˚F  (100˚C)          3-5 min.          0% of coffee              2+ times
Fruit             212˚F  (100˚C)          3-5 min.          0% of coffee              2+ times
Herbal            170˚F  (75˚C)           3-5 min.          0% of coffee              2+ times
Maté              170˚F  (75˚C)           3-5 min.          50-75% of coffee          2+ times

TIP: To cool down water to 170˚F (steaming), drop 2-3 ice cubes into boiling water!

TIP: For an 8 oz. cup of tea, use 1 tsp of leaves per if the tea is green, black, or a pure oolong. Use 1.5 tsp of leaves if the tea is white, herbal (including rooibos, pu-erh and maté), or a flavored oolong (mixed with other ingredients).

Q: What kind of maintenance is required to take care of my teapot or strainer?

A: Teapot maintenance requirements are based primarily on the material from which your infuser is made. Metal teapots (not sold in our store) should be scrubbed with soap and water. Porcelian, ceramic, cast-iron and glass pots should be cleaned by hand or a dishwasher rinse cycle with hot water and NO SOAP OR DETERGENT. If the inside of your teapot is stained, scrub the affected area gently with salt. Plastic containers should be kept away from dishwashers entirely. Do not use teapots to heat water in the microwave.

Q: How long will my tea leaves stay fresh?

A: We recommend that you use your tea leaves within 6 months of the purchase date, and that you keep your leaves in an air-tight container and away from sunlight, with the exception of Pu-erh, a fermented herbal tea that tastes better the longer it is kept. You may choose to keep your leaves refrigerated to postpone the excretion of the tea’s natural oils, but this is only necessary for our premium green and oolong teas. Do not keep tea leaves in the freezer. If you wish to reuse wet tea leaves for a later infusion, isolate the leaves in an air-tight baggie or with plastic wrap, then refrigerate the leaves to prevent the risk of mold growth.

Q: How much tea can I get out of my leaves?

A: 1 ounce of loose leaf tea makes around 8-10 single-infusion cups, although this number varies depending on the tea’s density and darkness, as well as your personal preference. You can, of course, re-infuse your leaves to make new cups, although the flavor won’t be as strong as it was on the 1st infusion. For more info on re-using tea leaves, consult the above chart.

Q: Do any of your teas contain allergens?

A: Some of our teas contain allergens like nuts, milk, or chocolate, but the inclusion of these ingredients is always indicated in the description for that specific tea.

Q: Is any of your tea organic?

A: Many of our teas are certified USDA-organic. You can find this information indicated in the description for those specific teas.


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